My name is Yinka Oselukwue. I am the founder of ROCKIN' BRAIDS SALON, INC.  I had long dreamed of owning my own business, little did I know that dream will come true in 2008.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a Master's degree in Business Administration, which have been a plus for me in the hair and beauty industry. I was a high school Chemistry and Math teacher for 5 years and now an entrepreneur. I started doing my own hair 30 years ago. People always ask me who did my hair and I always answered  that I did my own hair. Then, they ask if I do other people's hair. At that time, my answer was no, because teaching consumed my time. I decided to resign and enrolled in grad school to get my MBA. After a lot of planning, I decided to go to Cosmetology school to obtain my natural hair license.

I recently formulated and created my first hair growth Elixir for people dealing with hair loss and breakage. You can order by clicking on the "online store" tab.

I realized that I truly enjoy making people look and feel beautiful. This is the ideal way to use my creativity and talent to make this happen. My experience as a teacher helps me to teach my clients how to take good care of their hair. I am very interested in the health of my client's hair and I make sure that I teach and show them how to grow a healthy head of hair. Braiding in itself is an art and once mastered, there is no limit to what one can create. 

This salon is NOT your typical braid salon! It is a professional establishment with tasteful furnishing, relaxing, very clean, and a private atmosphere. Each client is dealt with on an individual and personal basis. Each client is respected and cared for. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAITING IN MY SALON, NO DRAMA, AND NO TARDINESS! You get in the chair as soon as you walk in the salon.

I am professional and big on great customer service. I make every client feel special and I pay careful attention to each one. My business thrives on referrals. I get 80% of my clients through the word of mouth. You will enjoy your time in my salon.

I thank my current clients. I also want to take this opportunity to invite new clients to give me an opportunity to express my creativity and talent in making you look your best and to serve you in years to come.


Yinka Oselukwue, MBA

Owner, Rockin' Braids Salon, Inc.