I get this question all the time! My answer is a big fat NO!

Since I have a degree in Chemistry, here's a brief Chemistry lesson to explain my answer. I promise I won't bore you with formulas.

The hair strand is composed mainly of protein called keratin. Chemical bonds are the building blocks that give hair its texture and strength. The bonds cross-link the hair’s protein molecules to impart strength and rigidity to the hair.

The easiest way to think of this is a ladder. The steps or rungs are the bonds that hold the two side rails or, in this case, protein together.

The shape and strength of hair is partly controlled by chemical bridges (rungs in the ladder) called disulfide bonds (S - S) that connect protein fibrils together.
Relaxers break these disulphide bonds and stretches the elasticity of the hair to get the straight look that you're looking for.

When you get a relaxer before getting braids, remember that your hair is not as strong anymore and the weight of the braids will pull and [cause] breakage at the root.

I usually recommend waiting for about 3 -6 weeks after a relaxer before getting braids so that you will  have at least half an inch of strong new growth.

To be honest, the rough texture of your natural hair gives me a good grip during braiding and makes it easier for me to braid it. #justsaying.

Keep growing healthy hair till my next blog.